A Day At Royal St. Georges

A Day at Royal St. George’s

Royal St. George’s is a special place where creating good images is not difficult because of the amazing golf holes that presents themselves to you at different times of the day. But for this project we wanted to show website visitors what it’s really like to spend a day at the club and get under the skin of the establishment.

The club set up a date with four willing members (and dogs…) to follow them as they spent a normal day at their club in the same way any visitors would when they have a chance to share the same experience.

This was a real match played competitively at normal pace (in fact we played through a group while on the photo shoot!)

A Day At The Club

Royal St. George’s

One of the Great Days in Golf

A Day to Remember

To the Pro Shop

Royal St. George’s

A Day at the Club

Royal St. George’s

The Terrace

Royal St. George’s