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When Can You Visit Our Club?

Most clubs will know when there courses are at their best but in the UK the best season is between April and October depending on the type of golf course you have.

Courses with lots of deciduous trees usually start their peak season in mid-May and finish mid-October.

Links courses generally have a longer season as there are little or no trees.

We can also capture stunning images during the winter providing you with seasonal variations and inclement weather can also add interest to any course.

How Long Does it Take?

This will obviously depend on the number of images that you require but we would usually produce 20 good images per day on the course. So a basic package could be completed in a single day if the conditions are good.

For a full course package we would probably want to be at the course for 4 to 5 days and depending on weather conditions this may be during the same week or may be split into several visits.

Will it Disrupt Play on Our Course?

This is unlikely. The best times for golf course photography are either end of the day so we are usually finished in the morning before play has commenced.

The summer evenings are likely to be the times when we can meet golfers on the course but these are often times when members are out for casual golf at the end of the day. We are golfers so we understand how to work around play.

If we have specific holes that we need to capture at a certain time of day we may ask if a 1 hole gap is left between groups to allow us to provide images without players on the hole. An example of this might be the back nine of a course at the end of an evening when the setting sun provides the best shots and golfers are finishing their rounds.

How Can We Prepare Our Course?

During the best season (April-October) courses are at their best growth period which provides the best definition on a course. Ideally the rough will be at its thickest, fairways cut with a strong definition between the 1st 2nd & 3rd cuts.

Ideally on morning shoots the greens will have been cut or swipped before we start but we realise this is not always possible – this removes the dew from the greens and gives a much crisper looking image.

Raked bunkers make the course look smart especially when we are close to the greenside bunkers. The worst possible scenario is when there has been heavy rain overnight but the forecast is good in the morning for photography. Washed out bunkers could ruin a batch of images.

It’s best to avoid times immediately after a maintenance period if you are either scarifying, verticutting or solid/hollow tining the greens.

If were are visiting at the end of the season in September or October it would also be very useful if the rough is not cut back as this adds great definition to the landscape.

Ideally we will liaise with you head greenkeeper to discuss the best pin positions for each green – this can have quite an impact on the focus of the resulting image.

Can You Provide Prints?

Yes we can provide prints from all of our images. We only use high resolution cameras which allows us to print high quality large prints.

We use a professional print lab to produce all of our prints and they offer a wide range of print materials from standard matte and gloss to high-end Fine-Art print papers.

These can either be bespoke one of prints of selected photos for your clubhouse or batches or prints that you can stock in your pro-shop for sale to visitors.

How Many Photos Do You Take and How Many Do We Recieve?

This will depend on the package that we agree on. We take multiple images from similar locations on the course and select the best results to provide you with. Typically we will provide you with 25% of the images taken – so for example if you require 25 images we will take around 100 on the course, select and process the best 25 although we may supply you with more at no extra cost.

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