Image Production

Managing Your Collection

All of your images are managed with Adobe Lightroom allowing us to look after your assets in a professional environment. Lightroom keeps all of the original camera RAW files exactly how they were captured without any destructive editing. Lightroom uses a database to layer edits onto of the original image meaning any changes to the image can be reversed.

Developing Your Images

Most images are processed using Adobe Photoshop to enhance the images with sharpening, noise reduction, contrast and cropping to size and ratio. Photoshop images are stored in a TIFF format and exported as JPEGS. We store the images at their original resolution and when we export the images of your use we will provide maximum size images as well as web optimized images.

Organising Your Portfolio

Making Your Job More Efficient
Portfolio Organisation

After each photo shoot we download all photos to a central catalogue storage which contain all images of your club in one place. The Photos are all take in a RAW format where we preserve the original image for a lifetime. The images are then sorted into categories (e.g. Course, Action, Dining Room, Bar etc.) to provide easy access to any photos. The course photo’s are further sorted into hole numbers to give an extra level or organization for both you and us to easily locate exact images.

File Naming & Keywording

To make life easy for you we name all image files in a friendly way both for your team and for search engines. The images will be named with the club name & topic of the grounp such as course, dining room, social etc. as well as more detail such as hole number and sequence number.

All images are digitally key-worded with the name of your club and further detail such as hole numbers, dinning room, bar etc to optimise the images for both organisation and online search engine optimisation (SEO).

Photo Library

After the images have been key-worded and sorted into categories we sort through in finer detail to identify the best images from each area of the club. This further refinement allows us to identify which areas require further photo shoots with attention to build up a balanced portfolio of the golf club.

Delivering Your Images

Proofing Gallery with Downloads

On completion of you portfolio we will add you collection to our proofing gallery, an online facility that will allow you to access your collection. The gallery is securely protected with passwords which then allows you to either download individual images or the complete collection at a variety of resolutions. You can also show us you favorites by selecting them and the gallery will automatically notify us.

Luxury Prints

We can provide high-quality luxury prints of any image we’ve produced. Choose from a selection of Fine Art papers to reproduce your favorite captures on archival standard inks and grounds.


If you need your images fast we can send them to you using Wetransfer, an online service where we upload all your high resolution images so you can download the collection straight to your desktop within minutes.

Flash Drives

We know the importance of keeping your portfolio for years to come so we can send you a copy of all images on a flash drive. We’ll sort them into collections of High-Res, Low-Res and Web Optimized folders for your convenience so that you club has access on-hand.

Golf Club Books

We can arrange our publisher to produce premium quality books for your club; great for members, visitors and gifts.