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A full width menu to give visitors a full view of all the pages an information within the website. Images can be included to add extra interest.

Side Menus

Side Menus keep the website simple and clean by eliminating clutter from the viewers eye. Great when the images are at full screen size. These can be enabled and disables by device size – Desktop, Tablet & Mobile.

Page Hierarchy

How Many Page Levels To Have

Multi Level Menu




In Paragraph Links


Providing contact details and and easy way to find your way to the next website destination.

The Course

A double level course guide to give a quick view to those passing by and a detailed view to the the engaged visitor.

The Tee Shot

Providing the player with a view of what they will face when they arrive at each hole.


Details of the hole length from each tee marker

The Green

Images from around the green showing the hidden dangers.

Course Planner

The Course Planner – Hole Lengths, Green Depths and Hazards

Looking Back

A view looking back when departing the hole.

The Club

An entry section to a look around the golf club – a feel for what it’s like to be there.

The Lounge

Often the most glamorous room in the club that every visitor should see

Club History

Tell your visitors how the club started and how it evolved into the place it is today.

Social Functions

Empty clubs are not always very inviting – Societies want to feel the ambience of great social events.


Nearly every visitor will dine with you at some point in the day; show off the delights that your chef can deliver.

Golf Championships

Show off the great golfing competitions that the club stages.

The Professional

The golf professional, often the first port of call when arriving at the clubhouse.

The Practice Ground

Short Game Area

Contact Page

A direct emailing module lets site users contact you straight from the web page delivered straight to your inbox.


Bring your photos to life with a dynamic, responsive and interactive slider.


Responsive to any device, any operating systems and any browser.


Laptops of any shape and size.

Ipad – Portrait

Ipad – Landscape

Mobile Smart Phones

Aligning Images Correctly For Phones
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